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[In the works] Anyone who loves rp, please read.. I have ideas =3 [
July 24th, 2008 | 5:07pm

[ mood | hopeful ]

This is a filtered post directed at my friends who role play and whom I know love role play.

I have an idea for a world setting, which it can be a multiplayer universe. I pretty much describe it as a big island with many different areas to it depending on characters you would want to play, like there is a dark side to it, if you wich to play a vampire or creatures of the night, there is the city, which I imagine to be like Burenai, Taiwan + Tokyo, Japan + Shanghai, China + New York City, NY + Los Angeles, CA.

There will a country area with farms and such.

I'm thinking about having 2 main schools, both elevator, one public and one private, and they will always be in competion with each other in many things [ie: sports, festivals.. etc] (For those that want to rp teenage - college characters)

I'm so planning on having there be business district for those those that want to be older characters. [ ie: tall bulidings, cafe's, resturants, malls, shopping centers etc]

I'm also thinking of having entertainers too, anyone who wants to join with friends and be a boy group, girl group, famous model, famous actor or actress in a drama's, so be it.

It can be a Multi-fandom rp so you can be originals if you wish, or you can use characters from manga, anime or asian music, anything you want.

If I create something like this, who would be interested? who would join? who would want to help me mod? I mean I would love to this it would be a lot of fun, I just want to know who would be interested. If you are, contact me.


- StrwbryMarmalade
- XxAyuchanxX
- MandieMarmalade4
- YukaKiryu chan





or just comment here =D

Once I know for sure I can get people into this, I can start posting about my characters and such, but I just want to know who would all be interested =D

Blaue Rosen Illustration Collection for sale! [
July 18th, 2008 | 1:05pm

 Dear all,

I'm selling the Blaue Rosen Illustration Collection on eBay right now: [[ HERE ]] 

Please take a look if you are interested. Thank you & don't forget to check out my other shoujo items too! ^_^

[FIC] Un(certain)ty [tentinyfandoms, Theme 6/street] [
March 13th, 2007 | 6:56am

[ mood | happy ]

Title: Un(certain)ty
Author: Grasshopper (A.K.A. The Undertaker's Muse)
Rated: PG
Series: tentinyfandoms
Warnings: Er…not quite romantic het. *winces* I guess…just Sakuya?
Fandom: Kaikan Phrase
Spoilers: Slightly implied stuff for episode 23, but only really mentions episodes 05 and 11.
Pairings: Oukouchi Sakuya + Kiryuu Yuka overtones, but mostly gen.
Summary: Despite her candor, Sakuya still doesn’t understand Yuka’s motives.
Author's Notes: Watch as the Grassy attempts (and fails miserably) at writing Sakuya/Yuka. TT.TT Very short and, though I do like it, things didn’t quite end up where I planned for them to go. *chews on sleeve*
Disclaimer: All things Kaikan Phrase belong to Shinjo Mayu-sensei. Grassy only lays claim to the plot.

tentinyfandoms/Kaikan Phrase & Tokyo Crazy Paradise Themes Index

( 6. street )

[FIC] Con(strain) [tentinyfandoms, Theme 4/tie] [
January 29th, 2007 | 8:55pm

[ mood | creative ]

Title: Con(strain)
Author: Grasshopper (A.K.A. The Undertaker's Muse)
Rated: R
Series: tentinyfandoms
Warnings: Slight sexual content (male/male/female), mentions of alcohol and drug use as well as underage sex.
Fandom: Kaikan Phrase
Spoilers: Technically, some stuff for episode 23, but is set pre-series. Meaning no one’s stalking Sa-chan just yet. ^_~
Pairings: OMC/Sakuya/OFC mentioned, but nothing really worth noting.
Summary: Sakuya hates being bored more than anything else; it gives him way too much time to think.
Author's Notes: Be warned, my KP knowledge is pretty much relegated to episodes 01-24 of the anime.
Disclaimer: All things Kaikan Phrase belong to Shinjo Mayu-sensei. Grassy only lays claim to the plot.

tentinyfandoms/Kaikan Phrase & Tokyo Crazy Paradise Themes Index

( 4. tie )

Yaoi pairings allowed? [
October 19th, 2006 | 4:36pm

[ mood | curious ]

Hello I just joined the community
I found it through another Kaikan community i just found.
I was wondering are you against Yaoi pairings of Kaikan in this community?

I don't mean to offend.

Kiakan Phrase DVD [
September 22nd, 2006 | 7:42pm

[ mood | busy ]

Whhaa! My Kiakan Phrase DVD set just cam in! Weeee who wants screen caps XP *ish taking requests* I’m so excited XP I’ve been such a Youtube whore watching them, but waaaaiiii...I HAD to have this series. I mean, come on, a girl can’t own every current manga released and not have the DVDs as well. 

X-posted to: sensual_phrase , sensual_kaikan , and kaikan_phrase_y

Going Crazy [
June 30th, 2006 | 12:10am

[ mood | hopeful ]

so i have read all the manga available for this series that is out at the moment and now watching it all on you tube.com. I have been looking for the music and sountracks evecryweher. I guees some of the music specifically "survior" is by Glay and I foun a cd with it, But I want the soundtracks to this series. I did some research and theres at least 3 of them produced. Anyone know where I can pick up copies, or is anyone willing to burn me copies of theres and i'll pay for S&H as well an cd material costs?

December 19th, 2005 | 3:55pm

[ mood | creative ]

Sorry these aren't all in the same order or from the same pictures.. but I made some color bars I hope they are to your liking ^_^;

Sensual Phrase colorbarsCollapse )

Love Celeb ColorbarsCollapse )

Hallo!!!! [
December 14th, 2005 | 1:00pm

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hallo minna! *^-^*

I just joined and I'm uber happy to know more communities for Mayu Shinjo are being made! ^^V

In the spirit of sharing I have made some wallpapers from our favorite mangaka, Mayu Shinjo!

So here is the deal, I have the same wallpaper but a lot of them are different from each other XD if your confused don't worry just click away! :D

Haou Airen - 1
Sensual Phrase Atsuro / SakuyaxAine - 2

After my finals I shall make more XD

Teaser! XD

Come with meh!!!!!!

♥H I K A R I♥


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